3. Walkin' the Dog

Walkin' the Dog is a blues that's light and cheerful but it's got attitude. It grooves along at a steady, cool pace, to help you to stay in control of the situation so your dog is not walking you.

The melody is based on a series of blues riffs that use the same rhythm but different notes Charlie Hunter and I play the melody in unison the first time around and then the second time he plays the melody while I play a counter melody consisting of parallel dyads harmonized mostly as consecutive fifths, giving a sort of modern sound that provides a cool contrast to the gritty main melody, and then goes into single lines, which harmonize with the main melody.

This song was created totally in the studio. Charlie Hunter is a "master of the groove", and he started it all. From there, the tune came together pretty much as you hear it. After Charlie had established the tempo and groove, Charnett came in to fill out the bottom and take the groove to another level, joined by Kenwood who pulled it all together. It was my idea that the song should be a blues and once that was established, I let everyone take a break while I composed the melody and the counter line.