Getting Started at Integral Arts

The home page for the academy is here: https://stanleyjordan.com/integral.arts/courses
Integral Arts Academy uses Moodle, so if you know Moodle you'll feel right at home.
Feel free to take a look and create a free account. There's a lot you can already see for free, including a musical journey through the last 600 years of history.

If this resonates with you and you're ready to go deeper and to participate then you can create a subscription account.
For $10/month you can participate in the community forums and post comments, etc. and you can view a much larger and ever-growing body of information.
For $20/month you can also use the apps on the site, including online training apps.
All subscriptions are purchased through my Patreon site. The Patreon site also has fan club subscriptions that don't include academy benefits. If you want to see the $20/month membership you have to press the button below that says "see all 4 levels."

Then there's premium content, which is more specialized and only available at limited times. Usually it involves direct contact with me or with other prominent teachers. Pricing varies depending on the content, and it will be listed on the IAA home page.

Right now the main focus at Integral Arts is on music, but you'll already find a surprisingly comprehensive range of subject categories. In some categories there's only a little content so far, but it's curated, so a little should go a long way. And you'll see the direction things are heading in. As the site gets off the ground I look forward to getting more and more input from others and you'll see all those sections fill out.

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