Special Projects

  • About This Page

    This page gives a sampling of some of the things Stanley has done or is doing that fall a little outside the areas he's most known for.

  • 1986 - Movie: "Blind Date"

    • Stanley made a cameo appearance in this Blake Edwards Comedy starring Bruce Willis and Kim Basinger.

    • Bruce Willis, Kim Basinger, Stanley Jordan

    • Bruce Willis, Kim Basinger

    • Stanley Jordan

  • Circa 1986 - Duet with Robert Palmer on the Tonight Show with Johhny Carson

  • Music Software Development

    • Stanley is a developer of music software using the APL programming language.
      He has authored or co-authored several papers on the topic, which have appeared in publications such as APL Quote-Quad and the IBM Systems Journal.

      The picture below was taken following a presentation Stanley did at IBM's T. J. Watson Research Center in Hawthorne, NY.
      Mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot attended the presentation, which included a demonstration of fractal melodies.
      Mandelbrot is credited with discovering fractals.
      Guitarist Muriel Anderson also attended the presentation.

    • Stanley Jordan, Muriel Anderson, Benoit Mandelbrot

  • 2009-Present - Protection of Endangered Sea Turtles

    • Stanley has been working with Projeto Tamar in Brazil to protect sea turtles.
      This work includes benefit concerts and recordings, advocacy and research.
      The research will culminate in a creative project to be announced at a later time.
      Stay tuned!

    • This turtle was rescued and rehabilitated at Projeto Tamar in Florianopilis, Brazil. Stanley and Tamar co-founder Neca Marcovaldi released the turtle on Nov. 26, 2011.

  • 2011-Present - Guest appearances with the Right On Band