Algebraic Functions

⍳ Monadic
APL: index generator
Q: til

⍳ dyadic
APL: index of
Q: use ? (find)

? Monadic
APL: roll (random number)
Q: does not seem to exist

? dyadic
APL: deal (random deal)
Q: it's called rand, works the same on integers.
Also works on floats in q, which is actually an improvement over APL.

* Monadic
APL: e to power
Q: use exp

* dyadic
APL: power
Q: use xexp
Q also has sqrt, which is the same as xexp .5 (*.5 in APL)

⍟ Monadic
APL: natural log
Q: use log

⍟ dyadic
APL: log to the base
Q: use xlog

○ Monadic
APL: pi times

○ dyadic
APL: circular and hyberbolic functions

! Monadic
APL: factorial or gamma function

! dyadic
APL: binomial