Coupons and gift certificates

From time to time, special offers will be available in the form of coupons redeemable at the store.
If you are on the mailing list you'll receive notice of these offers.
Some coupons are redeemable at face value for any purchase on the site.
Others may be tied to specific products, such as CDs or discounts on lessons.

A gift certificate is simply a coupon that you purchase for someone else.
Anyone, whether they are a member or not, can purchase gift certificates.
Some can be used for discounts on a variety of products purchased at
Others are tied to specific products, such as a 3-hour small group online lesson.
You can browse the store to see what gift certificates are available.
You can then place them in your shopping cart just like any other product.
If you are not a member, you will need to enter an email address for the gift code.
The gift code will be emailed to the specified address.
To use a gift code, enter it in the coupon code field during checkout.
To give someone the gift certificate, you can email them the gift code you received.

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