Introducing Integral Arts Academy

I'm thrilled to announce the official launch of my new Integral Arts Academy! My lifelong love of learning and sharing finally comes to fruition with the realization of this evergreen dream—to start an academy to gather together likeminded leaners and dreamers just like me.

I've spent a lifetime on the lookout for those life-changing paradigm-shifting "A ha!" realizations—those moments of clarity when clouds clear and everything suddenly makes sense. And I've never tired of culling those thousands of tiny little tips and tricks that make life incrementally better. Now I finally have a place to plant it all—a garden where, protected, these precious seeds can grow. That's the Integral Arts Academy!

Here was my two-step action plan:
1. Create a container for all the best things I know.
2. Invite others to join and share.

Step one has been all about creating a framework for organizing knowledge, wisdom and skill from a wide variety of viewpoints and covering a wide array of topics. Ken Wilber's Integral Theory is explicitly embraced as a core philosophy. But the real secret sauce that makes this project truly special is our arts-based focus. We see the arts as a primary paradigm—a rosetta stone through which we can understand, and a home base from which we can explore, the World. Step one is done!

Now for step two, the missing link is you! Let's be joyously immersed in a community of lifelong learners who believe in the process of life, accepting and meeting its challenges and holding out hope for the beautiful co-created future that is truly within our grasp. Please take a look at the site and become an early adopter. Help me launch this thing, and build this thing, and help make it all that it can be.

The amazing truth is that pretty much all the new paradigms we need are already here—we have only to put them into practice. And practice is the secret that artists have understood all along. You can't just think it—and you can't just say it—you have to do it! And you have to step into the skin and be it with every fiber of your being. Artists already know this, so let's let the artists lead the way into our beautiful new future.

How do we do that? By making everyone an artist! It's that simple. The key for each of us is to see the world through the eyes of an artist and to become an artist in everything we do. Find your inspiration and nurture you inner genius, whatever that may be. Look for the deeper significance in every mundane moment. See the big picture. Then go ahead—indulge your vision! It's your time—it's our time! Let's do this!   Integral Arts Academy

Getting Started at Integral Arts

The home page for the academy is here: https://stanleyjordan.com/integral.arts/courses
Integral Arts Academy uses Moodle, so if you know Moodle you'll feel right at home.
Feel free to take a look and create a free account. There's a lot you can already see for free, including a musical journey through the last 600 years of history.

If this resonates with you and you're ready to go deeper and to participate then you can create a subscription account.
For $10/month you can participate in the community forums and post comments, etc. and you can view a much larger and ever-growing body of information.
For $20/month you can also use the apps on the site, including online training apps.
All subscriptions are purchased through my Patreon site. The Patreon site also has fan club subscriptions that don't include academy benefits. If you want to see the $20/month membership you have to press the button below that says "see all 4 levels."

Then there's premium content, which is more specialized and only available at limited times. Usually it involves direct contact with me or with other prominent teachers. Pricing varies depending on the content, and it will be listed on the IAA home page.

Right now the main focus at Integral Arts is on music, but you'll already find a surprisingly comprehensive range of subject categories. In some categories there's only a little content so far, but it's curated, so a little should go a long way. And you'll see the direction things are heading in. As the site gets off the ground I look forward to getting more and more input from others and you'll see all those sections fill out.

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