Depending on the type of meeting, you may need to log in using a special code that has been created just for you for that meeting.

Meetings vs. Webinars.
A Zoom meeting can have up to 25 participants, so if you count Stanley + 1 facilitator that leaves 23 students.
All 23 of the students are connected via video conferencing, so anyone can potentially speak at the meeting.
So it is an interactive meeting.
Text chat is also included.

A Zoom Webinar can handle 100 participants, with 25 of them are able to be seen and heard
The rest are only able to watch and listen, but they can contribute via text chat.

Anyone can choose to connect as audio-only, either through a telephone or using the zoom app but turing off their cameras.
Also text chat is available to all as well.

The Zoom app runs on Mac, PC, Droid, iPhone, ...?

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