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The Store: Your one-stop shop for "Stanley Stuff"
The store page offers a growing catalog of items. So far we offer live video lessons with Stanley. Soon we'll have CDs, t-shirts and more.

The Club: Keeping in touch
Membership on the Stanley Jordan mailing list is free and entitles you to things like notifications of upcoming shows in your area. For more details click here.

The School: Lessons, classes and instructional materials
Stanley Jordan is now teaching online. Learn More.
Price list for lessons with Stanley
To shop for available online lessons with Stanley, click here.
Lots of new educational materials will be added soon, including video tutorials, state-of-the-art 3D "instructional worlds" and more.

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How to browse the store catalog
Coupons and gift certificates


Mailing list membership benefits
How register on the mailing list
How to log in, view and edit your member profile


Studying with Stanley
Subjects Stanley teaches
How to register as a student
How to view and edit your student profile
How to search for available lessons
How to purchase a lesson for yourself
How to purchase a lesson for someone else
How to prepare for your lesson with Stanley
How to use Zoom to connect with Stanley
How to deactivate, reactivate or cancel your student membership


Terms and conditions

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